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What guarantee do i have i will not have a blood clot if i now stop plavix what long term study is there to prove it is safe to ever stop plavix because i read there is a rebound effect with plavix thank you.

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many blockbuster drugs are expected to lose patent protection pdf over the next 12 months, opening the way to lower-cost generics among them plavix heart attack prevention , avandia diabetes , singulaire allergies and asthma and lexapro depression .

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i guess it was last summer when a generic version of plavix came on the market.

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org s discussion topic on financial assistance for plavix that they have had difficulty getting their pharmacy to honor the bristol-myers squibb discount card — and these were drugstores listed as participating.

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i have been on plavix since march, 2011 when i had a mi and des in my r coronary artery, 98 blockage at 59.


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