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Styplon, green coffee, ashwagandha, himplasia, speman, purim, mentat, herbolax,.

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both of these trials were too small and short to determine whether ashwagandha has long-term benefits for cognitive health.

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observational study of 218 respondents taking 2 capsules of pukka s ashwagandha twice a day for one month.

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in her upcoming cookbook, moon juice founder amanda chantal bacon lists ashwagandha as a high-functioning power food, saying it aids thyroid function, alleviates depression, improves sleep, and contributes to virility.

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ashwagandha is used as a general tonic and adaptogen , helping the body adapt to temporary normal stress.

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in ayurvedic medicine, practitioners will often recommend using ashwagandha to boost your overall energy and to rejuvenate your wellbeing .


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