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Ba��i Ba�� Cho Ca?? NhA� Va��i MA?n GA� Ha?�m Ha??t Sen Th??m Pha��c

GA� ha?�m ha??t sen ma�?m A�a?�m A�A� quya��n h?�??ng na??m th??m pha��c nA?ng ha��i khia??n ba??n ngay la?�p ta��c ca??m tha??y tha?�t kha�?e ma??nh vA� trA�n A�a?�y sa��c sa��ng!


Ba??n ca?�n chua?�n ba�� nha�?ng nguyA?n lia��u sau cho mA?n gA� ha?�m ha??t sen:

– 1/2 con gA� ta hoa?�c gA?c pha?�n t?� ca��a con gA� cA?ng nghia��p to

– 50g ha??t sen khA?

– 1 na??m na??m h?�??ng

– 2 ca�� hA�nh khA?, 1 ma?�u ga��ng

– Ha??t nA?m, n?�a��c ma??m, da?�u A?n, ha??t tiA?u, rau mA?i, hA�nh lA?.

CA?ch lA�m:

B?�a��c 1:

HA�nh khA? ba�? va�?, xa??t lA?t ma�?ng. Ga��ng xa??t sa�?i nha�?.

GA� cha?�t mia??ng vuA?ng va��a A?n, ?�a��p va��i 1/2 cha�� hA�nh khA?, 2 mua��ng cafe ha??t nA?m, 1 mua��ng cafe n?�a��c ma??m vA� 1/2 mua��ng cafe ha??t tiA?u trong khoa??ng 30 phA?t.


B?�a��c 2:

Na??m h?�??ng ngA?m na�Y, ra��a sa??ch, ca??t chA?n.



B?�a��c 3:

LA�m nA?ng chA?t da?�u A?n trong na��i, cho ga��ng vA� cha�� hA�nh khA? cA?n la??i vA�o xA�o th??m..




TrA?t tha��t gA� vA�o A�a??o cho tha��t chuya�?n mA�u vA� sA?n la??i.
ThA?m n?�a��c hoa?�c n?�a��c dA?ng (na??u cA?) vA�o xA?m xa??p, va��a nga?�p tha��t gA�, ma�Y la��a to A�un sA?i.

B?�a��c 4:

Khi na��i gA� sA?i thA� ba??n ma�Y vung, gia??m xua��ng la��a va��a, dA?ng thA�a muA?i ha��t ba�? ba��t ma�? vA� ba�?t, sau A�A? thA?m ha??t sen vA�o na��i gA�.


Khi n?�a��c sA?i la??i thA� ba??n thA?m na??m vA�o, A�a?�y vung gia??m nha�? la��a A�un thA?m khoa??ng 20 phA?t.

B?�a��c 5:

Sau 20 phA?t ba??n ma�Y na��i gA� ra kia�?m tra xem ha??t sen A�A? ba�Y ch?�a, na??u ch?�a ba�Y ba??n A�un thA?m, na??u ba�Y ra��i thA� ba??n nA?m na??m la??i cho va��a A?n, ra??c hA�nh mA?i xa??t nha�? ra��i ta??t ba??p.


La??y gA� ha?�m ha??t sen ra tA?, dA?ng nA?ng.

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