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CA?ch LA�m Bao Ta�� Ha?�m Ha??t Sen Va��a Th??m Ngon La??i Ba�� D?�a�?ng

Ha??t sen cA? cha��a cA?c cha??t dinh d?�a�?ng, lA� tha��c A?n ba�� d?�a�?ng tA?m, A�ch tha?�n, kia��n ta�?, nha�?ng ng?�a�?i lao A�a��ng trA� A?c quA? cA?ng tha??ng, tA?m tha?�n ba??t a��n, hay sa�? sa��t, hay quA?n. Ha??t sen cha?? bia??n thA�nh mA?n A?n cA�ng tha?�t ngon vA� tia��n la�?i.


NguyA?n lia��u:

– 1 cA?i bao ta�� heo (da?? dA�y)

– 100g ha??t sen khA?

– 1/2 ca�� ga��ng t?�??i

– 2 thA�a cA� phA? r?�a�?u ga??o (hay r?�a�?u Michiu)

– 400 ml n?�a��c la??nh

– Mua��i, ba��t nga�?t

CA?c b?�a��c tha��c hia��n:

1. Bao ta�� ra��a sa??ch A�a�? rA?o, tra�?ng vA�o na��i n?�a��c A�ang sA?i khoa??ng 5 phA?t va��t ra ngA?m ngay vA�o cha?�u n?�a��c A�A? la??nh. LA�m nh?� va?�y, bao ta�� sa?? va��a giA?n la??i va��a tra??ng.

Na??u n?�a��c sA?i cA? thA?m chA?t mua��i cho bao ta�� vA�o ha?�m cho ma�?m.

Va��t bao ta�� ra A�a�? rA?o, xa??t mia??ng nha�? va��a A?n. ??a��p chA?t ba��t nga�?t, ga��ng xa??t sa�?i + 3 mua��ng cA� phA? mua��i khoa??ng 20 phA?t.

2. Ha??t sen ra��a sa??ch A�a�� vA�o na��i, cho n?�a��c nga?�p sA?m sa??p ma?�t, A�un la��a to ta��i khi sA?i ha?? nha�? la��a A�a�? ha?�m. LiA?n ta�?c chA?m thA?m n?�a��c la??nh, A�a�?i sA?i la??i, tia??p ta�?c A�a�� n?�a��c la??nh vA�o cho A�a??n khi ha??t l?�a�?ng n?�a��c A�A? A�a��nh (khoa??ng 400ml). LA�m va?�y sen sa?? mau nha�� vA� khA?ng ba�� nA?t.

Khi sen va��a nha��, va?�n la��a la��n cho n?�a��c tha?�t sA?i, A�a�� ha��n ha�?p bao ta�� A�A? ?�a��p vA�o, cho thA?m r?�a�?u ga??o ra��i cha�? khoa??ng 3 phA?t thA� ta??t la��a ngay. NA?m gia va�� la??i cho va��a mia��ng ra��i mA?c ra chA�n A?n nA?ng.

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